t the turn of the 20th century, a network of wires began to weave its way across America, thousands of miles of electric signals and humming power all made possible by copper. The blood, sweat, and tears of Butte miners carved the path for a global industrial revolution. Butte, America was a global leader in innovation and technology and mavericks, pioneers, and trailblazers came to this new frontier in pursuit of new opportunities. Every day thousands of men dropped into 10,000 miles of hand-carved underground passageways in the hopes of returning with the almighty copper ore to light up our world. With picks and mules and dynamite and raw effort they dug over a mile down into “Richest Hill on Earth”, showcasing ingenuity that was ahead of its time. Headframe Spirits, together with CHISEL industries, is crafting this story to pay tribute to the spirit of Butte’s perseverance and innovation and to the modern mavericks of today. Headframe Spirits’ Founders and Montana Entrepreneurs of the Year, John and Courtney McKee, are poised to build Headframe Spirits into the largest distillery West of the Mississippi within the next four years. This evolution will create approximately 50 new jobs and bring new light and opportunities to Butte and Montana. Headframe’s economic impact in the state of Montana in 2013 alone was approximately $2.3 million. In the last two years, they’ve donated over $50,000 to local non­profits and events like the MT Folk Festival, which are phenomenal tourism opportunities in the community of Butte. For the McKee’s, the success of this campaign is measured by ROC (Return on Community). With the help of this effort, they are not only projected to triple their economic impact within the state of Montana, but are striving to help promote economic development in Butte.