The Past

Nearly 150 years ago, Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone…then, Edison, the light bulb. At the turn of the 20th century a network of wires began to weave its way across america. Thousands of miles of electric signals and humming power…MADE POSSIBLE, BY COPPER.  That copper, came from Butte America.  The Industrial Revolution Had Begun… and Butte, America was fueling it.  90,000 Immigrants from around the world arrived in Butte, with picks and dynamite and raw effort.. to dig… over a mile down in search of the copper ore that the earth promised, to those who dared venture into her depths.  Every day thousands of men dropped into 10,000 miles of hand-carved underground passageways, in hopes of returning with copper ore to light up our world.  It was a new frontier that drew to it mavericks, pioneers, and trailblazers.  Butte was an epicenter of innovation.  They called it the Richest Hill on Earth.   In its heyday between the late 19th century and about 1920, Butte was one of the largest and most notorious copper Boom Towns in the American West.