Present & Future

Headframe Spirits

The Headframe Spirits Founders and 2013 Montana Entrepreneurs of the Year, John and Courtney McKee are poised to build Headframe Spirits into the largest distillery West of the Mississippi within the next four years, which will create approximately 50 new jobs and bring new light and opportunities to Butte and Montana. Headframe’s economic impact in the state of Montana in 2013 alone was approximately $2.3 million.  In the last two years, they’ve donated over $50,000 to local non­profits and events like the MT Folk Festival which are phenomenal tourism opportunities in our community of Butte, America.  For the McKees, the success of this campaign is measured by ROC (Return on Community).  With the help of this plan they are are not only projected to triple their economic impact within the state of Montana, but are striving to help recruit new businesses to Butte with this effort.


is a world leader in the production of precious investments casting. To broaden its wide alloy capabilities, the company built a new titanium vacuum melting facility in Butte-Silver Bow’s Montana Connections Business Development Park. Its foundry pours production titanium investments castings for such industries as aerospace, automotive, computer hardware, industrial gas turbines, industrial machinery, marine, medical, military/defense and pumps.

REC Silicon

A leading global player with 25 years of polysilicon manufacturing expertise, REC produces high-purity silicon materials at two U.S.-based plants: Moses Lake, Washington and Butte, Montana. From its Montana Connections Business Development Park location, REC ships solar-grade polysilicon, electronic-grade polysilicon and silane gas.  These products are raw materials for the international solar and electronic industries. For example, polysilicon and/or silane gas are used in technologies that create MP3 players, flat-panel displays, laptops and hybrid electric vehicles, plus ubiquitous solar panels.

Montana Resources

The United States ranks among the world’s largest producers and consumers of minerals and metals. Montana Resources’ open pit copper and molybdenum mine in Butte, the state’s largest mining operation, serves an international market for these two important metals.  A pacesetter for conscientious environmental practices in the mining industry, Montana Resources practices concurrent reclamation. Reclaiming as soon as possible, while mining operations continue, creates grassy rolling hills, inhabited by deer and other wildlife, and an example for best practices in the industry.

Butte AeroTec Facility

This public-private partnership includes Montana Aerospace Development Association, Stanford University-affiliated Space Propulsion Group, Inc. (developing hybrid rocket motor technology under contract to the U.S. Airforce), Rhoda Inc., State of Montana, City-County of Butte-Silver Bow, Universal Technical Resource Services, Inc., Montana Economic Revitalization and Development Institute, Butte Local Development Corporation, Port of Montana and Bert Mooney Airport Authority.  Butte AeroTec conducts solid fuel RamJet and ammonia fuels technology development and testing for the Montana Department of Commerce. The company also performs fuel systems safety testing for the Virgin Galactic Corporation/Scaled Composites, Inc. SpaceShip II Commercial Space Vehicle.   The State of Montana funded the relocation of test hardware from Mojave, CA. The City-County of Butte-Silver Bow funded the development of the facilities’ new infrastructure at the Montana Connections Business Development Park.